Natural fabrics for more comfort and function.

Limitless fabrics transcend boundaries. They combine the casualness of modern business textiles with sporty multifunctionality whilst being sustainable and natural. And all this with outstanding wearing and natural care comfort.

Limitless is the answer to the athleisure trend and supports its wearer in his mindset.

Limitless is an attitude.


Limitless About

weba – the Appenzell weaving mill has been developing and producing finest fabrics from selected raw materials since 1944. We are the world’s leading supplier of finest wrinkle- free fabrics for shirts and blouses with unique wearing and comfort properties.

With our refined weaving technique and an exclusive finishing process, we create unique textiles with outstanding characteristics.


Limitless Functional

Our 100 % Merino signature fabric has outstanding natural performance properties.


1 — Crease resistance for an impeccable look all day long.

2 — Natural antibacterial properties prevent the development of odours.

3 — More comfort through soft stretchability.

4 — Naturally improved UV protection.

5 — Merino wool warrants simple and quick stain removal.

6 — High moisture absorption and temperature regulation.

7 — Easy washable.


Limitless Natural

Limitless consists mainly of finest, lightweight Merino wool. This exclusive fine spun Merino wool – super 130’s and super 150’s – is obtained from free-living Australian and New Zealand sheep and is guaranteed to be mulesing-free.

All fabrics used for the weba Limitless collection are produced in a sustainable way. We use certified organic cotton, Merino wool and upcycled cotton / lyocell, as well as blends of silk and linen. The whole range has outstanding performance properties and excellent wearing comfort.


Limitless Sustainable

weba attaches great value to a fair and long-term cooperation in the cotton supply chain. We know our suppliers and their production techniques and base our mutual work on three fundamental pillars:

Organic, sustainable and extra-long staple cotton – using natural compost instead of chemical fertilisers and pesticides, reducing water consumption and rotating crops.

Upcycled cotton / lyocell – botanical fibres and production overhangs of cotton fabrics are combined in an exclusive, innovative upcycling process that is particularly eco-friendly.

In cooperation with UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organisation), the Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture and the State Giza Institute we support social and ethical production and promote training and education of young professionals.


Limitless Design

The various Limitless fabrics skilfully combine functionality, naturalness, elegance and comfort.

Properties by nature Merino Lyocell + Merino Linen + Merino Silk + Merino Organic Cotton + Merino Organic Cotton + Upcycled Cotton / Lyocell + Merino
Crease Resistance
Anti Odour
Soft Stretch
UV Protection
Stain Removal
Temperature Regulation
Moisture Absorption
Easy Washability


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